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Waterproof Shower Wall Phone Box

Waterproof Shower Wall Phone Box

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Hands-Free Meets Damage-Free—Mount Your Phone Wherever

Free up your hands to wash dishes, bathe, or attempt that makeup tutorial you’ve been wanting to try. This damage-free wall mount is also waterproof, so you can hang your phone just about anywhere.

With this convenient box, you’ll never have to juggle your phone and what you’re working on. It’s versatile enough that you can hang it up pretty much anywhere, and it holds your phone in landscape so you can get the most out of YouTube videos, movies, and more. The anti-fog film is great for installation in steamy or humid places, is viewable from all angles, and still allows for ultra-sensitive touchscreen capabilities. It’s a perfect solution to protect but still use your phone when cooking, washing dishes, showering, and much more.


  • Waterproof box with an anti-fog touchscreen-sensitive screen
  • Fits any smartphone up to 7 inches long
  • Easy installation with damage-free adhesive mount
  • Works best on glass, mirror, tile, and other smooth surfaces

Before installation, wipe and dry the surface where the mount will go. Peel the plastic off the back of the no-trace adhesive wall mount, place the mount on the surface horizontally so that the hooks are facing upward, and press firmly to adhere. Apply pressure with your fingers to remove air bubbles that might weaken the adhesive. Slide the waterproof phone box down over the mount so that the hooks are caught in the built-in slots, and you’re ready to go. The mount holds up to 11 pounds, and the box opens from the top at a 60-degree angle to slide your phone in from the top.

At Moore Shoppe, we get excited about bringing cool new tech to everyday users. We love this hands-free solution that lets us take our phones where they’ve never gone before. Whether you’re watching a video while relaxing in the tub, following baking instructions, or just trying to distract yourself while completing chores, we hope you enjoy this convenient Damage-Free and Waterproof Phone Wall Mount.


  • 1 Waterproof Phone Box
  • 1 No-Trace Adhesive Mount


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