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Kyncilor™ Adjustable Patella Protecting Knee Brace

Kyncilor™ Adjustable Patella Protecting Knee Brace

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Safer Workouts Start with Better Support

Prevent knee injury with comfortable support that reduces existing pain and keeps you in the gym, on the trail—or wherever you work out—longer.

Working out is a great way to stay in shape, improve mental clarity, and promote general wellness throughout your life. Any injury can slow you down, but knee injuries are likely and common during strenuous exercise. This adjustable knee brace supplies constant and uniform compression at the patellar tendon to both reduce existing pain from runner’s knee, arthritis, Osgood-Schlatter disease, and others, as well as help prevent future injury of the vulnerable tendon in your knees.


  • Lightweight and breathable with an EVA cushion and adjustable Velcro strap
  • Nonslip design provides constant, uniform compression
  • Use on left or right knee interchangeably as needed
  • Shock absorbing and stabilizing

Support your body while you exercise to prevent injury and ease pain from previous injuries or illness. You don’t have to slow down or avoid strenuous activities when you are mindful of your body’s needs. Whether you’re running, playing a sport, lifting weights, or just need a little extra compression, this knee belt will keep you going longer, and you can feel secure pushing yourself to reach your goals.

At Moore Shoppe, we want to improve and support your wellness, whether that means providing products that prevent injury or promote mindfulness. This brace does even more than that. It’s designed to support pro athletes, everyday exercisers, and anyone dealing with chronic pain in their knees.


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