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Yoga Knee Pad Cushion

Yoga Knee Pad Cushion

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Exercise Without the Pain Points

Yoga, Pilates, and other workouts are more accessible than ever with the extra support you’ll get from these convenient joint-protecting cushions. They’ll let you hold poses longer with more stability and provide the support that’s been missing from your fitness routine.

Mat-based workouts are excellent for everyone, from beginners to advanced—but they can be a little hard on your joints. Specifically, putting all your weight on your knees, wrists, and sometimes elbows or your head while holding different poses can be painful. These cushions are designed with concave and supportive foam that will allow you to complete each motion without pain. They’re non-slip, lightweight, and great for exercises and daily activities that put pressure on your joints.


  • A set of two cushions supports kneeling, headstand, and hand-to-knee poses and exercises
  • Nonslip, textured cushions will help with balance and stability so you can safely hold poses longer
  • Fast rebound material won’t lose its shape over time
  • The non-porous surface is easy to clean as necessary

These pads are perfect for all kinds of fitness routines, from planks to Pilates, and can support any joint you’re working with. They’re great for wrists, elbows, knees, hips, ankles, and more. You can also use them for everyday activities that require kneeling, like cleaning, gardening, and more. Their lightweight, portable, reliable design makes them the right pad, for whatever you need support for.

At Moore Shoppe, we want to improve and support your wellness, whether that means providing products that prevent injury or promote mindfulness. These great cushions make workouts easier and more comfortable, so you can try those long-hold poses with greater confidence and less pain.


  • 2 Blue Joint-Protecting Exercise Mat Cushions


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