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Nonslip Body Alignment Yoga Mat

Nonslip Body Alignment Yoga Mat

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Always Know Where Each Limb Goes

Yoga is all about the breath and poses. If you’re busy worrying about slipping, figuring out where to put your feet or hands, or anything else, you’re not getting the most out of your yoga experience. This mat solves that.

Finding center (and every other position) has never been easier. The Nonslip Body Alignment Yoga Mat features a center point, center line, 45-degree lines perfect for child’s pose and positioning, transverse lines, reverse points, and an AUM point. These indicators are all textured so you can find them easily in the middle of movement. Whether you’re taking a class in person, online, or from memory, you deserve to benefit from the complete experience.


  • Clearly marked points and lines for practicing and perfecting forms, poses, and stretches
  • Textured, nonslip, durable material is eco-friendly, made without toxins, odorless, waterproof, and antimicrobial
  • Long-lasting mat is also biodegradable and recyclable for end-of-life convenience
  • Larger than standard mats, at 72-inches by 26-inches, but weighs only two pounds

The mat is both longer and wider than standard mats, so you’ll have more room to move and stretch, and is about a quarter-inch thick to cushion your joints and back in different poses. It’s manufactured free of PVC, latex, phthalates, and all other toxins, is odor-free, antibacterial, and eco-friendly. The double-sided nonslip texture ensures you and your mat won’t skid or slide.

At Moore Shoppe, we know that fitness is an important part of your healthy lifestyle. We want to provide you with the gear you need to live healthier and exercise better. Take the guesswork out of your exercise. Quickly follow along as instructors move from one pose to another with clearly marked positions and points, so all you have to worry about is your movement and your breath.


  • 1 Nonslip Body Alignment Yoga Mat
  • 1 Yoga Mat Carry Strap


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