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Elastic Rubber Yoga Resistance Bands - Set of 3

Elastic Rubber Yoga Resistance Bands - Set of 3

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Fully Customize Your Workout

Resistance bands are portable, inexpensive, and have so many diverse uses that you can fully customize your workout—and take it anywhere you go without having to lug around a bunch of weights.

These bands come in multiple strengths so you can pick one that will best supports your exercise goal. Stronger bands like the Black X-Heavy Resistance band will provide the most support when assisting exercises like pullups, and the greatest challenge when pulling against exercises like leg lifts. Weaker bands like the Green X-Light Resistance Band are great for beginners wanting to add difficulty to bodyweight workouts and stability to form.


  • High-strength rubber latex tube provides even resistance and won’t stretch out over time
  • Available in five levels of resistance to customize your workout
  • Lightweight and super compact for easy transportation and storage

These bands are durable and long-lasting so you can use them however you want as your workout evolves. What’s more, you don’t have to come up with your own workouts; resistance bands are used in many workout videos, Pilates, yoga, CrossFit, and more. Their versatility, lightweight, and compact, closed-loop design make them the perfect gear for all fitness levels and activities.

At Moore Shoppe, we know that fitness is an important part of your healthy lifestyle. We want to provide you with the gear you need to live healthier and exercise better. Your body will thank you for the support and challenge that resistance bands like these add to your workout.

This package INCLUDES:

  • 1 Green X-Light Resistance Band
  • 1 Yellow Medium Resistance Band
  • 1 Black X-Heavy Resistance Band


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