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SereneSpine™ Acupressure Back Massager and Stretcher

SereneSpine™ Acupressure Back Massager and Stretcher

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Eliminate Back Pain in Under 10 Minutes a Day

Back pain has many causes, but relief is possible—and easy, with the SereneSpine™ Pain-Relieving Acupressure Back Massager and Stretcher. Use it for five to ten minutes a day, or as needed, to naturally relax the muscles causing back pain.

It’s a one-size-fits-all, totally portable tool that will have you sighing with relief in moments. Simply sit on the ground and place the back stretcher on the ground behind you, with the narrow side touching you and the padding aligned with your spine.

Slowly ease back onto it until you’re lying over the top without holding yourself up and take deep belly breaths. Adjust the height of the arch to get the stretch you need and relax as the pain leaves your body. Because it’s so portable and adjustable, you can even use it as a lumbar support in a chair.


  • Three-level adjustable arch allows for deeper stretches and different body types
  • Supports correct posture and lumbar curvature to restore a natural resting position and improve flexibility in the shoulders and back
  • Protective padding along the spinal column and acupressure points gently massages and supports your back
  • Mitigates chronic back pain from herniated and bulging discs, spinal stenosis, and more

Back pain isn’t something you should have to suffer with. While one tool won’t fix every problem, daily stretches can help solve many of them. The Pain-Relieving Acupressure Back Massager and Stretcher is a great tool to provide intense relief, increase flexibility in your back and shoulders, and recover your natural spinal curve to help with posture and prevent future pain.

At Moore Shoppe, we want to improve and support your wellness, whether that means providing products that prevent injury or promote mindfulness. This massaging stretcher is an easy way to experience less pain with minimal effort. What could be easier than laying down and breathing deeply? Your back will thank you.

*If you have an existing injury, please consult a doctor before using this product.*


  • 1 Pain-Relieving Acupressure Back Massager and Stretcher


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